Q: Why hasn’t my review been posted yet?
A: There could be a number of reasons that your review has not been posted. First, it may have been rejected by the editor, or perhaps there were multiple reviews submitted and one was picked over yours. Second, it could be that the editor has not had time to post your review. Third, perhaps we did not receive your submission (in whole or in part). Contact the editor, if you suspect this may be the case. If you have any questions about why your review has not been posted please contact the editor.

Q: How will I know if my review is rejected?
A: Due to our current heavy workload, we do not always have time to send rejection notifications. However, we will always notify you if your review is published.

Q: When is the site updated?
A: Depending on current workload, it may vary from twice weekly to monthly.

Q: My review got edited. What’s up with that?
A: Chances are that the review contained something that the editor found to be unnecessary and was removed or reworded. The editor reserves the right to edit any reviews posted on Guide 2 Games. Reviews are always edited for spelling, grammar and irrelevant information. If you have any questions about why your review was edited please contact the editor at .

Q: Some reviews are too harsh. Can you change them or add another review?
A: No, due to the small staff at Guide 2 Games it would be too difficult to change the reviews that not every one agrees with. However we understand that no review is is perfect and that is why we allow and encourage users to make comments on reviews.

Q: I requested a review a long time ago. When will it be up?
A: Currently all of our reviews are submitted by volunteers so when a review is received it will be posted as soon as possible. In order to encourage volunteers to review requested games sometimes the editor will put up a pre review.

Q: Who is in charge?
A: The editor of Guide 2 Games is you can find out more about Eric by visiting his blog

Q: Can I review older games?
A: Yes

Q: Do you review board or card games?
A: Yes! You can find the board games we review here.

Q: Do you review games that only can be found on the internet?
A: No, because Internet games can be changed at a moments notice, there is no way to insure that a review would remain accurate.

Q: Why do you have to be over 16?
A: From past experience, we have found that younger reviewers generally lack necessary writing and communication skills. Also, we feel that older reviewers tend to have better discernment on morality issues. The age limit is is not a rule, but more of a guideline. If you are under 16 and submit an awesome review then it will probably be posted.

Q: Do I have to be to submit reviews?
A: No, we accept reviews from Christians and non-Christians, but generally we prefer that you have a world view when submitting reviews to the site.

Q: Do I have to live in the USA to submit reviews?
A: No Guide 2 Games accepts reviews from people all over the world, but please submit reviews in English only.

Q: How do I become a staff reviewer?
A: To become a staff reviewer you will need to have at least one review posted and time to devote to reviewing games. If you are interested in being a staff reviewer, contact the editor

Q: What does RPG and FPS stand for?
A: RPG stands for Role Playing Game, and FPS stands for First Person Shooter.

Q: What game should I review?
A: Check out our list of requested review page for ideas on what game you should review.