Code of Conduct

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By not abiding by this set of rules you will be immediately banned
from the chat room, the forums and the Guide 2 Games review website.

1. Offensive Posts and Banned Content
G2G is committed to providing a safe and wholesome environment. Posts that are offensive in nature may be edited or deleted at a moderator’s or admin’s discretion, factoring in things like severity. Disciplinary action may be handed out as well for offensive posting, again solely at the discretion of the moderator or admin.
Offensive posting is (but not limited to)

  • Profanity – The profanity filter will automatically replace any profanity. Any attempt to bypass the filter (including altering spelling, punctuation) is considered offensive posting. As well, any usage of partially obscured profanity (e.g. f##k) is not tolerated, with the sole exception being used in the discussion of the content of any medium (games, movies, books, etc.). In addition, purposeful use of profanity in an inflammatory manner, even without filter dodging, is not permissible.
  • Misuse of the Lord’s name as a profanity. While obviously we don’t censor terms for God to allow proper discussion, we do not tolerate any usage of using them as an expletive.
  • Violent or otherwise offensive images – Overtly violent, grotesque, obscene, sexual or disturbing images will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that this is a family oriented forum with a worldview, and use common sense. If you are in doubt, don’t post it. If said image is being used in a clinical context (i.e. prisoner abuse in Gitmo or the comparison of the violence by turning off the gore feature in Unreal Tournament) you can post a SLIGHTLY more intense image, but please link to the image using the url tags rather than img and enclose a warning of some sort in the post. As well, the basic laws for content still apply, even when linking.
  • Linking to websites containing offensive content – You may link to sites that do not uphold themselves to the same code of conduct, provided there is an appropriate amount of warning in the post itself, and you ask permission from a mod or admin first. As well, ensure you are keeping common sense in mind, links to extremely offensive content will be deleted.
  • Hate speech and racism – Any posts which defame another group of people will not be tolerated. While we understand that Christianity does have a strong polarity involving the truth, this does not give you the excuse to defame any groups. You may state that homosexuality is a sin and that Islam is wrong. You may NOT state that people that practice it should all be killed by all true-believers, or that Arabs are sub-human people.
  • Pornography/Shock Images – Posts containing extremely offensive images with no possible justification (such as pornography or shock sites) will be immediately deleted and the offending user will more than likely be banned. It’s not worth it, trust us.
  • Description or discussion of sex, sexual acts, or human anatomy in a sexual context is categorically forbidden. In addition, crude commentary in the discussion of sexual content in games or films or books is also forbidden. As we strive to keep this forum family friendly (realizing that on occasion mature subjects come up for discussion as a course of life), we do realize that content discussions do come up, but such things can be discussed in a general nature and without the commentary.
  • Discussion of how to commit illegal acts (including piracy/copyright infringement) is not permitted. This includes discussion of bomb building, cat burglary, knocking up gas stations, how to acquire pirated files and CD keys, how to run pirated software, how to mount illegally downloaded ISO files, how to install mod chips and hacking and cheating in multiplayer video games.
Discussion of downloaded, licensed anime is strictly forbidden. Regardless of if you are in the U.S. or not, the server hosting these fora is in the U.S., and we are bound by U.S. law. For your sake as much as ours, do not mention that you “acquired” anime or that you have downloaded it. You may discuss anime to your heart’s content, but avoid mentioning downloads or any clever euphemisms for the process. Also: refrain from mentioning how much of your hard-drive is filled with downloaded anime. It’s simply wise to not broadcast this sort of information.
  • Giving out the personal information of other forum members is forbidden. Example of personal information includes pictures of other members, real names, addresses, phone numbers and the location of bathroom windows and shower habits of other members.

2. Spam
To paraphrase the immortal Monty Python skit, “We don’t like spam.” Spam clutters up the forums, disrupts discussion, and on the whole is bad. We’ll delete spam when we see it, and take action as required against the member in question. Our definition of spam includes:

  • Completely unintelligible posts
  • Posts that consist solely of emoticons
  • Posts that consist of only one word (that may or may not also include emoticons)
  • Repeated advertisement

3. Flaming and Trolling

Flaming – verb: To engage in an online argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more parties.

Trolling – verb: To purposefully antagonize other people on the internet, generally on message boards.

Flaming and trolling can be done a number of different ways, from making hostile and blatantly confrontational posts about a controversial topic to insulting somebody’s intelligence. We do not tolerate flaming or trolling here, and offenders will be dealt with accordingly. Flaming is (but not limited to):

  • Attacks on somebody’s person (rather than on their argument) in any discussion
  • Repeated unfounded bashing of an individual, group, or idea
  • Questioning the faith or sincerity of the beliefs on another member
  • Attacking another member’s race, nationality, hair color, fashion sense, or anything else of that nature in an attempt to discredit them.

4. Quality of Posting
At G2G we take pride in our forum as being a highly literate one. There are a variety of ways in which this is accomplished:

  • Grammar. Use it. Properly, we mean. End your sentences with a period. Begin your sentences with a capital letter. Capitalize your “I”s when you are using the first-person singular pronoun. Be kind to apostrophes and commas. We don’t expect perfection, just readability.
  • When posting an opinion, don’t post a half-baked one. Don’t post a series of assumptions that you’ve made based on secondhand information and bits and pieces of information.
  • Cite your sources. If you’re quoting, cite the source. If you use a fact, cite your source (unless it’s common knowledge, such as that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776).

5. Forum Government
G2G is not a democracy. You do not have freedom of speech here. The admins have absolute authority, and even then, most of us are answerable to silver-dragon. The mods answer to the admins.

The administration team operates at their discretion. Consequences are granted depending on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, prior behaviour, and the circumstances involved.

If you have an issue with a member of the administration team (mod or admin). Bring it up privately via a PM or e-mail. The questioning of authority in public is not permitted under any circumstances. If you have a question about a decision, ask it in private. The exceptions to this rule are few and far between, and, trust us, they will be obvious.

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