Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Kick some brick in 1 through 6.
Colton - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Violence: Lego characters shoot each other and use lightsabers. When they die, they fall apart into smaller lego peices. Spiritual Content: The Force is used in mild ways. Language: None. Adult Content: Leia wears her slave outfit. Han and Leia kiss a few times.

Note: This is for the XBox 360 version. PS3 is most likly similar. Wii and DS controls would be different, but content for the Wii would be the same.

All the characters you know and love.


The game follows the story of all six Star Wars movies. It strays from the story to put in puzzles and humor.


I’ve only played the XBOX 360 version, but PS3 is mostlikly the same. The controls are smooth and easy to learn. Just like the others, there is drop in and drop out co-op.


The graphics are better, but not much better than Lego Star Wars 1 and 2 (not that that’s a bad thing).


Violence is very mild. Lego characters usually use lazer guns and lightsabers. When the characters die, they just fall apart into lego peices. A few characters are eaten by a Rancor and Jabba the Hutt get strangled, but it isn’t even close to as bad as it sounds.

Spiritual Content

It’s Star Wars, so the Force is used. I’ve never been offended by the Force, but even those who are shouldn’t find it offensive. Jedi and Sith characters use the Force to lift objects to solve puzzles. They can also use the Force to push enemies or make them dizzy.


There is no talking at all.

Adult Content

At one point, Princess Leia wears her slave outfit like she does in Episode VI, but their lego bodies don’t really look like real life human bodies. Also, (just like all other clothing in the game) it looks painted on. You can also make your own characters and that outfits is something you can use. Han and Leia are also seen kissing.


This game is fun, but your not missing much if you already have Lego Star Wars 1 and 2. So if you have one or none of them, I recommend it. No one should have any problems with this game. If you like Star Wars, then you should get it. I give it a 4 out of 5 because it’s fun, but not much new stuff.

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