Road to Heaven – Not just another bored game

Denise Migliaccio - Guest Reviewer
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This is not a software game. It is a board game

Road To Heaven™ Board Game is a fun, family-oriented, Bible focused board game designed to be as competitive and engaging as it is spiritually enriching. Road To Heaven™ is essentially the walk through life. Good things and bad things will happen based on the decisions and choices you make along the way. The object is to move your two playing pieces around to board to Heaven. Along the way you will learn the books of the Bible… in order, be tempted as Jesus was, be blessed, get sent back for worldliness, be forgiven, and answer knowledge questions by landing on a knowledge space. This allows you to pick a knowledge card and answer a question based on the Bible, biblical events and people of the Bible. We do not provide the answer on the card, but we do give the scripture that has the answer. This leads the player to look up the scripture (in the Bible that comes with the game) and verify the answer given.Answering the question correctly allows you to pick a Blessing card that can move you farther along the board or provide you with a needed token (cross, lamb’s book of life) or get rid of an earth which can hold you back as worldliness. The object of the game is to move both your game pieces around the board to Heaven.

It is a game that will bring families together while at the same time teach all ages the books of the Bible and the scripture inside. You learn about the Bible in the midst of the ups and downs of the action. What an opportunity to outreach and introduce Jesus to unbelievers in a non-threatening way. There is nothing comparable on the market that can provide a platform to learn the Bible in such a fun and exciting way!

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