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Jumpin Jack puzzle game for android, iPhone & iPad
Shalin Shukla - Guest Reviewer
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Jumpin Jack is 3D Intelligent Mobile Game for iOS devices and android devices. Be furious, Be Intelligent, Be Jack.

Do not misread this as an only for kids game!. Jumpin Jack is an Ultimate Brain Booster Puzzle Game For All Ages ! We Guarantee you will love it ! :)

Jumpin Jack is Addictive, Simple to Understand & Play, Yet Very Challenging Puzzle Game. Get into the journey with Jack who is your Jump Master. Solve puzzles by simply jumping and matching the pattern on 3D squares. But wait!! It is not that easy!! Jack???s life depends on how fast you jump and how quickly you can react to the randomly opening sinkholes. Your game score is measured by the ???Jack Meter???. The quicker you complete the game the higher your score will be on the ???Jack Meter???.

Android Users -> http://goo.gl/OwjPpP
iPhone Users -> http://goo.gl/asbqje
iPad Users -> http://goo.gl/w7kpI2

Jumpin Jack
(Shalin Shukla)

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