FingerOut – iPhone / iPad game to improve your motor skills

Improve your motor skills while having fun
Miguel Moraleda - Guest Reviewer
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How good are your motor skills? It’s time to know it! Train them with FingerOut! A challenging game where you can improve your abilities while you have fun. Motor skills are directly related to the development of mental ability, speech, attention, thinking, imagination, coordination, observation, physical and visual memory. Availaible for iPad and iPhone, FingerOut introduces a gameplay totally different from what you are use to. Press the screen using at least 3 fingers and follow instructions by pressing or releasing specific fingers. Find out if you can play it for at least 15 seconds using 4 fingers.

Motor gaming is known to be the favorite of most of the gamers. The motion and thrill attached to this kind of speedy games have always attracted the regular as well as new gamers. Keeping this under consideration, a brand new motor gaming app has been launched, named FingerOut.

This game has been developed by professional experts, who have focused on proving the motor skill of the gamer, through this unconventional app. The motor ability of the player has been emphasized throughout this game. This game throws a challenge to the users to check if they can play the game for at least for 15 seconds, using their four fingers or not. This game has got 3 different leagues. The Bronze league is of 3 fingers, Silver is a 4 fingers challenge and the Gold league is a 5 fingers challenge.

As per a developer, associated with this game designing, “We have gone through the minute details of the game, before launching it. We truly hope that the gamers are going to enjoy the same.”The newly developed 11.4 MB game of JOSE MORALEDA is published in English, so that most of the gamers can get facilitated with this game. This game is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later versions. Players can conveniently explore this game on their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices. This is a specialized gaming app that is developed for iPhone 5.

This gaming app comes with a lot of attractive features like keeping the sound on or off, playing online or offline etc. This app is offered to the players with an interactive tutorial, so that they can enjoy the same at the utmost level.
As per a recent user of this app, “I have recently downloaded this app for motor gaming. I have always been a game enthusiast. However, I have always struggled to find out the right most game of my choice. FingerOut was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who came to know about the same from Play store. I must say that I have discovered this app to be thrilling and fun filled, after my initial try. The challenges of this app are really thrilling. I have already referred this app to my friends and family members, who are using iOS and would like to recommend the same to others.”


FingerOut is a recently developed IOS app. This app is made for motor gaming. This app is available in English language. For more details please visit

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