Crysis 2 Review

A fun, but bloody sci-fi game.
Kyle van Rensburg - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

<p><b>Violence:</b> Depictions of shootings, stabbings, punchings, and a lot of carnage as buildings are blown up. Blood is seen in moderate amounts.</p> <p><b>Sex/Nudity:</b> One or two sexual references. ESRB makes mention of nudity, but I didn't see anything.</p> <p><b>Language:</b> Frequent swearing, with the F-word, S-word, and several milder profanities. Misuses of God and Jesus name.</p>


Crysis 2 is a First-Person Shooter from 2011. It is a challenging, fun, and entertaining game, even if it doesn’t do anything new.

You take on the role of Alcatraz, a soldier who was wounded in combat, and is fo

rced to climb into the Nanosuit, a powerful but enigmatic piece of combat armor. He has to wage war against CELL, a sinister organization who wants his Nanosuit, and against alien forces. You have many different ways of tackling those aliens, be it stealth, assault, or a mixture of both. The levels are linear, but the varied playstyles make up for it.

The story is okay, and does entertain, but ultimately it’s forgettable. However, it does manage to make you think about technology and the role it has in our daily lives. One theme explored is the ethics of man merging with machines, and other similar themes are explored. Going into further detail would spoil the story.


Violence: Enemies can be shot, yelling in pain with blood spraying out and staining the environments. They can be stabbed, blood spurts out staining the camera, and they gurgle softly. You can also snap their necks using the same action, with the head twisting around back, and a snap being heard. You can also punch enemies, with more blood spurting.

When you fight aliens much of the same violence is seen, except that they emit pink blood.

Several moments in the storyline depict acts of violence, like people getting shot, stomped on, shocked by a laser, attacked by a cloud of nano-particles, with a bit of blood in each. Some people who are infected with a virus are seen with fleshy growths covering their bodies, protruding bones and blood stains on them, crazily muttering a bunch of nonsense .

Some of the environment also contain blood stains.

If you wish for full detail about the most significant moments in the storyline, go to my blog here.

Sex/Nudity: A General is described to be “hard-on” for a guy in a suit, and a soldier yells at his soldiers to stop standing with their d***s in their hands and keep moving.

The ESRB summary mentions exposed buttocks, but I haven’t seen such a thing anywhere in the game.

Language: Fairly frequent uses of crude language. These include uses of f**k, with it’s variants (motherf***er), s**t with it’s variants (bulls**t), b**ch, b**t**d, p**s, a*s, d**n, d**k, and h**l are used.

God and Jesus’ name are also used in vain, infrequently, but unnecessarily.

Spiritual Content: The evolution theory is mentioned, used by some people to describe the biology of the aliens.

One character makes a remark about Heaven and Hell being just superstitions, although he is still afraid of the latter. Very noteworthy.


For those seeking a challenging, fun, and entertaining experience, you may want to pick this up. Unfortunately there is the language, violence, and an atheistic remark to contend with, so it is up to you to decide.

Hope this review helps you in your purchasing decision!

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