Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Square and Disney do it again! Another great sequel/prequel in the Kingdom Hearts Series.
Caleb Smith - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Sexual Content: None.

Language: None.

Alcohol/Drug Reference: None.

Violence: Enemies disappear in puffs of smoke. Mentions of characters being "terminated."

Spiritual Content: Fantasy magic in line with Final Fantasy, previous Kingdom Hearts games, and Disney in general.

Other: The player can play as other members of Organization XIII who were villains in past games, but cannot do anything evil when playing as them.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days takes place between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, during the events in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The game does a pretty good job of explaining what happened in the first game and Chain of Memories, but if you haven’t played the first, then you really should play it if you want a better understanding of what happens.


This time around, you play as Roxas and you work for Organization XIII. Without getting too deep into the storyline, Roxas does missions for the Organization but doesn’t really understand exactly what they want. The introduction of a fourteenth member causes Roxas to question his existence and why he chooses to obey the Organization. If you have played Kingdom Hearts 2 you know what happens next, but I’ll leave that for you to find out. From a standpoint, we know that we exist to praise the Lord therefore we don’t have to question it, but this is just a video game. As for the mechanics, the controls work extremely well for a DS game and the graphics look incredible compared to the other things I’ve seen on the DS. The only complain I have for the game is that the camera is horrible in some places. The camera works for the most part, but when you’re backed into corners, it can be very difficult and frustrating to see. Despite its flawed camera, its visuals are fantastic. There aren’t too many cut scenes, but when they come they are completely worth it. Square Enix is known for their cut scenes, and once again they’ve knocked my socks off with their impressive visuals. Overall, it’s a great game and has a pretty deep storyline. But be warned: this game has some intense boss fights, and I played through it on beginner mode.




The violence is very Disney-esque: the enemies you fight, called heartless, simply poof in a cloud of black smoke. There is talk about certain members of the Organization being “terminated,” obviously killed, though we never see any of this happen.

As in the other Kingdom Hearts games, there’s talk of darkness. All of the members of the Organization are Nobodies who were created by people who let too much darkness into their hearts, so they turned into heartless, and their human shell becomes a Nobody. But as a whole, it’s a battle between good and evil and good always wins.

There’s also the use of magic, such as potions and shooting fireballs, but there’s nothing I found occult about it.


In multiplayer and in a single player mode, the player can play as the other members of the Organization XIII who were villains in past games. You do not do anything evil however, just go on missions and fight heartless like when playing as Roxas.

I really have enjoyed all the Kingdom Hearts games, but this one ranks among the best. It clears up a lot of question for Kingdom Hearts fans, but will certainly create more questions for newcomers to the series. All-in-all, this is a fun, visually fantastic game, and though there is minor use of magic, it’s great for anyone 10 and up.

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