A thrilling experience full of explosions and open ended action that is spoiled by pointless profanity.
Reviewed By: Colonel Link - Staff Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Violence: Hundreds of enemies are killed by either gunfire, explosions, or your bare hands, but there is relatively blood, and an option to turn off blood is included in the options menu.

Language: Every swear word imaginable is used constantly, both in radio dialog and combat.

Sexual Content: Guards can be caught answering the call of nature (no nudity). A man says he wishes he was 10 years younger so he could be with a pretty woman.

Crysis was one of the most anticipated games of 2007, mainly due to the promise of the best graphics the gaming world had ever seen, open ended gameplay, and rock solid action. But does this game deliver, or will it leave gamers disappointed? If you’ve read any other reviews for the game you probably already know the answer. If not, read on.


You play as Nomad who is a member of Raptor Team, a U.S Special Forces unit sent to one of the Lingshan Islands. Your team is responding to a distress signal sent out by a team of archaeologists who have uncovered mysterious objects that predates man. Your missions is to find out what happened and is complicated by the fact that the whole island is under North Korean control. You must dispose of them while trying to get to your objective.

To dispose of your enemies you have quite a large arsenal of weapons at your command. You can carry up to 2 weapons (not including your pistol or explosive weapons), which include the basic assault rifle, SMG, sniper rifle, shotgun, or a mingun. Your nanosuit is equipped with many cool features that you’ll be using often, like super speed, strength, armor, and a cloaking device.

The game also gives you a good amount of freedom, letting you pick which path to take and how to execute your mission. I played most of the game in mode, making good use of my cloaking device and silenced assault rifle. But the game never makes you use any tactic, so you could just as easily choose to go in guns blazing or grabbing guys by the throat and using them as shields. The choice is yours.

Adding to the realistic nature of the game are the graphics. I had the privilege of playing the game with all the graphics set to high, and the game looked absolutely phenomenal. Everything looks almost real, with leaves swaying in the wind, individual grass strands being displayed, and incredible lighting. Explosions have never looked so good.

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Despite the realistic graphics and M rating, Crysis has surprisingly little blood. Enemies spurt small amounts of blood when shot, and it sometimes stains nearby objects (including your visor if you’re close enough), but oftentimes it’s barely even noticeable. However once you do see a dismembered body hanging from a tree (not bloody). Once a man is shot in the head at point blank, and that scene has more blood than the actual gameplay. There is an option to turn off blood in the options menu, so anyone who’s squeamish at the sight of any blood can use that feature and not see a single drop of it.

Despite the lack of blood, the body count is very high. To complete your objective you’ll have to kill many, many enemy soldiers as the world your playing in is ???kill or be killed???. You can also grab enemies by their throats and use them as human shields.

This is where the game loses points. Almost every swear word imaginable is used a lot (including the F word, GD, and Jesus), mainly in dialogue, but also in fights. To quote Plugged In Online: ???In this game, “The f—ers are everywhere,” “S—, they’re all over us” and “Kill the b–tard!” are the equivalent of “How’s it going?” Unfortunately, the use of profanity lacks the restraint and taste many other games have, and it annoyed me to no end. It is interesting to note that on higher difficulties, enemies will speak Korean, not English, so this would probably remove all language from combat sequences. However, most of the language is used in radio conversations, so you’ll still be hearing tons of garbage.

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Sexual Content: You can sometimes catch unsuspecting guards answering the call of nature, although nothing is visible. Once a scientist says ???She’s pretty you know. If only I was 10 years younger.???

Spiritual Issues:
*MILD SPOILERS* The archaeologists claim that they have found advanced technology that is millions of years old and can not have come from earth. That’s right, you’ll be fighting aliens eventually.*END SPOILERS*

Positive Elements:
Your whole squad is dedicated to seeing their mission through, and they go to extreme measures to save innocent lives.

Crysis is a truly great game, with amazing graphics, an interesting storyline, and ridiculously fun, memorable action. Too bad the developers had to spoil the experience with unnecessary profanity.


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