Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

A historic strategy game.
Reviewed By: Aeolian - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Mild Violence : Defeated units will fall down and bleed, and will decompose over time.
Spiritual content: Units called monks can wave their hands and chant to convert a unit on a different team to your side, one campaign based off Joan of Arc.

*Editor’s Note: This review does not apply to the DS version of the game.*

Age of Empires 2 is a historical game which focuses on building armies and attacking other nations. The campaign loosely follows historical events and puts you as the commander of a famous army such as the Huns or Genghis Khan.


While the campaign is fun, AoE 2’s gameplay really shines in multiplayer. The game is extremely well balanced and diverse. It’s broad economic system and combat system balance very nicely.

AoE 2 is also a very clean game. The violence is understated and relatively bloodless. Defeated units bleed minimally and slowly become skeletons over time. The violence is not graphic at all.


Also, there are units called “monks” which chant to convert enemy units to their side. This isn’t very spiritual in flavor, but the monastery building which is required to hire monks into your army contains many upgrades for your monks with spiritual names such as “fervor” which increases their movement speed and “theocracy” which allows only one monk to lose “faith” when converting. As you can see the game takes spiritual concepts almost mathematically. In short, it is an unrealistic portrayal of any kind of spiritual concept and is not meant to be taken seriously. Finally there is a campaign based loosely off Joan of Arc.

AoE 2 is also historically educating. The campaign has opening stories before each mission to educate the player on the history of what he is going to be commanding his armies through, though they are not 100% historically accurate.

Overall, AoE has little to worry about and I would recommend this game to anyone over 9 years old. A great game for groups to play multiplayer in lan parties, and fun and historically educating for anyone interested in single player.

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