Bleach: Shattered Blade

Pick your favorite character from the world of Bleach and battle it out either through the game's story or two-player matches.
Reviewed By: Jeff - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Violence Contains bloodless battles against characters.

Language D**n is used by some characters when they are hit or defeated

Sexual Content Overly busty females. One shows off cleavage and has a bouncing chest. Another shows off bare shoulders.

Spiritual Content: Some magic use. Bleach story deals with a fantasy version of the afterlife.

Bleach: Shattered Blade is a game based on the anime/manga series Bleach, which follows the adventures of a high school student named Ichigo with an unusual ability that sends him on the wildest ride of his life. Because this game involves the main story-line so much, I can’t give a proper review without going into some detail about it, so spoilers follow:

***Spoilers for Bleach***

Bleach: Shattered Blade

Fifteen-year-old high school student Ichigo has the power to see ghosts. This proves to be trigger for the greatest adventure he’s ever experienced when a girl walks through his wall, quite literally. The girl Rukia is a Soul Reaper, a being who sends the dead over to the other side to a place called Soul Society (Bleach’s version of the afterlife). Circumstances force Rukia to give Ichigo her powers, turning him into a substitute Soul Reaper. Fast-forward a bit: the higher-ups in Soul Society wonder why Rukia hasn’t come back, and later arrest her. Ichigo learns that Rukia has been sentenced to death for giving him her powers (apparently being a spiritual being doesn’t grant immortality in the world of Bleach) and takes it upon himself to break into Soul Society and save her. After just barely succeeding, he learns that he and the rest of the Soul Reapers were pawns of an evil Soul Reaper named Aizen. Aizen, for reasons of his own, single-handedly planned Rukia’s execution and later flees when his plans are uncovered.

***Spoilers end here***

OK, now that we’re through the history, on to the game. Shattered Blade takes place shortly after Aizen’s escape and when Ichigo and company are still in Soul Society. After foiling one plot, our orange-haired hero soon becomes involved in another involving the powerful shards of a weapon called the Sōkyoku, ironically the same weapon that almost killed Rukia. Ichigo and several others seek the shards for their own reasons bringing them into conflict with each other. You play through several different stories following each character’s hunt for the shards .

Bleach: Shattered Blade



This is a game, so violence is the name of the game. Characters race around arenas having at each other with swords (some quite oversized) or fists. All of the violence is quite mild and bloodless. Characters only fall flat on their backs when defeated. You can also send a character flying backwards after a strike.

Spiritual Content

All of the spiritual murk was pretty well covered in my story spoilers. Some of it is lightly touched on in the game, but it’s assumed you are already familiar with the story before you play. Some characters use what appears to be magic, but only a few.

Sexual Content

Every girl, except one, has a over-sized chest. One even wears clothes that show off her cleavage, complete with *ahem* jiggling. One also shows off her shoulders, but in comparison, that’s quite tame. One man is shirtless, but he’s over 1,000 years old, and he looks it too.

Bleach: Shattered Blade


Anyone who’s watched Bleach knows a few four-letter words get thrown in, and the game is no exception. Actually, compared to the show, the language is not too prevalent. Only a few characters swear, and it’s limited to when they are struck or defeated.

Other Negative Areas

Spoilers follow


After completing everyone else’s story, you are given the chance to play from the bad guy’s perspective, thus changing the story. It’s implied that you kill the leader of the Soul Reapers at the end of his story. Playing as the villain doesn’t sound like much of a reward to me. In 2-player mode, you can also play as Aizen, but this has nothing to do with the story. Still, playing as a bad guy is an option.

***Spoilers end*

Bleach: Shattered Blade


I’ll be quite honest; I was somewhat disappointed in this game. I rented it, and it was either too easy and too repetitive it wasn’t even funny. One story was so hard it made me want to throw my Wii Remote at the screen.

Unfortunately, I can only recommend this game to fans of the series. People who aren’t familiar with it will be confused by it, though you will still probably get bored with it either way. Bottom line, unless you’re a fan of Bleach or games in general, stay away from this title.

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