Wii Sports Resort

An engaging game that provides clean fun for the whole family
SeriousGamer - Staff Reviewer

Content at a glance:

Mild Violence: Mild, bloodless violence against Mii characters; characters either disappear or are shown unharmed afterwards.

How would you like to begin your day not just waking up, but actually parachuting from a high-flying airplane onto a little island below? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well, it may not happen in real life, but if you chose to play through Wii Sports Resort, that’s exactly how your game will start. And that sets the stage for the rest of your time on this little island too.

The Nintendo Wii first brought us Wii Sports as its launch title. With the console’s engaging, motion-controls, it was a hit. It must have been, because three years later, the minds at Nintendo decided to give us a sequel. How does it fare among other games? I’d say it fares very well.



This is a sports game, so there’s really no story to speak of. Wii Sports Resort is set on a tropical island called Wuhu Island, and that name fits it just fine. (Woo-hoo) Get it? Well, don’t worry if you don’t: if you play this game, you will.

Apart from that, there’s no real story. You play through twelve different games including Wii Sports familiars Golf and Bowling and another familiar sight to Wii Play fans, Table Tennis. There’s a lot more that’s new though, including Swordplay, Archery, Frisbee, Waterboarding, and Canoeing.



Anyone familiar with the Wii knows that motion is the name of the game. If you want your character to do something, you have to help them along. If you want your Mii to swing their sword in Swordplay, you have to swing along with them.

Most of the action in Resort is handled with the Wii Remote, but a couple of games require a Nunchuk. In the Archery game for example, you have to hold the Wii Remote straight up and draw the Nunchuk back to draw your bowstring.

A few games are a bit challenging, but for the most part, you’ll be coming back for more and more.


Offensive Content:


All of it is very mild. Swordplay is a game, but the swords are clearly fake. They look more like painted sticks than actual weapons. You can either duel other Mii’s or battle an ongoing onslaught of them. The Mii’s are shown unharmed in both cases; in the case of the duel, all the defeated Mii’s get is wet.

Sexual Content:

None: I’m very pleased to say that. Not even a single bare stomach, as is common in a few sports simulations with female characters.

Spiritual Content:

Again, not a thing.


Addictive Quality:

That’s the one other issue you may face. I know it’s hard to put this title down, and I just play it casually. So, I wouldn’t recommend it to the obsessive-types.


WiiSportsResort5 WiiSportsResort6

I have to say, the Wii is one of my favorite systems. It’s an engaging system that really brings you into a lot of its games, especially ones as involved as Wii Sports. In Wii Sports Resort, that quality is brought out even more.

The involvement of this game is enough to keep any player coming back for more of it, even though the games remain the same. And for discerning parents worried about what their children may be exposed to, I can fully recommend this title. It offers nothing else but squeaky clean fun for families to enjoy either on their own or with each other. Its lack of extreme violence and other areas of concern make it an ideal title.

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