Break-Out The Bible

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Since this is a Bible based game, there are no appropriateness issues to be worried about here. Only non-violent verses and images have been used. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy one person at a time since there is no multiplayer. (Thus promoting sharing.)

Break-Out The Bible is DivineGames’ very first video game. It’s a Break-Out style game similar (and better than) Magic Ball. It is fun for people of all ages. While you’re playing, you can also learn about the order of the books of the Bible, the prophets, and the events that took place.

When you play the game you have to unlock every level one at a time. The levels are named after the books of the Bible. Some of the books (ex Chronicles 1 & 2 ) have been combined into one level. Upon launching the game you will be prompted for your name and difficulty level. The name is used for submitting your score to the high score list if you get over 50,000 points and have your computer connected to the internet.

biblebreakout-2 biblebreakout-3

Here’s what the three difficulty levels do:

· Beginner: Ball goes a little faster in each level
· Normal: Ball goes a little faster in each level, and for every brick that’s broken
· Insane: Ball goes a little faster in each level, every hit makes the ball go faster as well as gaining speed with every brick that’s broken

There are three power-ups that randomly float around that can be triggered if you hit them with a ball. They do not disappear when hit so you can score a lot of extra lives or balls depending on which power up you hit. There are power ups for two different size balls. The double size balls are fun to get.

When it comes to graphics, they do the job nicely. The special effects with the ball movement and brick breaking are excellent. The base explosions look good too. The backgrounds are inspiring and beautiful; I even set one as my desktop background. The tiles, Bible verses and balls are easy to see.

The background music is fitting and very relaxing. The sound track is freely available so everyone can enjoy the music from the artist Butterfly Tea. The sound effects can get a tad annoying at times, but you can adjust the volume in the options menu in the game.

The physics in the game has been the reason for a couple of patches for this game. The original release had awkward ball bouncing and going through the Arch in the base. The balls used to go through the tiles and sometimes through the walls; fortunately those bugs have been fixed in version 1.1. In version 1.1 the ball bounces predictably at times.

biblebreakout-4 biblebreakout-5

Even though there is no multiplayer support, you can play this game inside of your browser if you’re running Windows. There is a demo available with five levels and the full version contains fifty seven levels and sells for $3.99 on the website. If you prefer to have the CD in your hands, you can buy the CD for $9.99 shipping included. I would highly recommend buying this game or at the very least check out the free demo.

Game Play 17/20
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Stability 3.5/5
Controls 5/5
Appropriateness 50/50

Overall 91.5%

Systems Requirements
50MB HDD Space

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