Unreal Tournament 3

Fast pased action packed sci-fi first person shooter
Joe Summers - Guest Reviewer
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The heart of this game is violence, so be advised as to what you are getting into. Also, there is a lot of swearing that stops short of f***. There is female cleavage present in a few characters during the game.

Unreal Tournament 3 is the fourth iteration in Epic’s Unreal Tournament series and has been released on both consoles and PC. The same basic premise of the game is present although somehow each new version released tends to improve on the formula. UT3 is no different with many new upgrades to the game play, visuals and a boost to its multiplayer elements.


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The player begins the game as a band of four mercenaries known as the Ronin. They’re in process of exacting revenge for the devastation of a previous massacre which destroyed many of their allies. The Necris are their chief opposition and through the use of advanced technology and bio-engineered warriors, this group of elite assassins strike fear into the hearts of the galaxy. It’s up to you to conquer back territory and reach a climactic end in stopping the tyranny of the Necris, and surmounting all odds to end this chaos.

Game-play is one of the trademarks of the Unreal Tournament series. It’s a fast paced first person shooter that makes players hone their skills for quick reactions and strong tactics. The weapons are plentiful, the strategies endless, and it’s up to you to decide how to best win the match. There are many interesting game modes, ranging from the traditional deathmatch, to other modes such as capture the flag, and the vehicular based Warfare. The game is easy to pick up for any gamer, due to the game’s fairly short learning curve, but the pressure to improve begins quickly. With a great multiplayer aspect and incentives such as rankings for ranked matches and achievements, it is a great value game that has gone down and price recently. Be reminded though that this game is not suited for all ages and a look over the content below is strongly recommended.

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The Unreal Engine 3 is used in many popular games presently. Made by Epic Games, this game engine is capable of rendering highly detailed environments with fantastic lighting effects. UT3 is a perfect example of what this engine can do. Everything looks and runs great, which complements the excellent gameplay. The sound showcases funky beats to energize the participants for the match while crescendoing during the grandeur of battle to build in the midst of a massive tide of emotions. The selection of tracks is excellent for the game, but doesn\’t stand out very much aside from the game. It is definitely a game you’ll want to crank up the speakers to, as it contains great voice acting during the beautiful cinematics and intense battles. Overall, the technical aspect of the game is immensely strong; your eyes and ears will be treated from start to finish.

The heart of this game is violence, with The Ronin bent on revenge for the decimation of their fallen allies. There is much blood and gore to be seen, as-well as foul language which stops short of f*** There are a few female characters with cleavage but honestly, that is not the point of this game. If it is a struggle for you as well with any game with harsh content, do not play it. There is an option to turn down the gore in the game, and always an option to turn off the taunts and voices if you don’t want to hear the bad language at all. The game is rated M for Mature for a reason, so be warned and informed before you seek to play this game.

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After many years of the Unreal Tournament franchise, it’s tough to decide whether to continue purchasing the newest update of the series or just sticking with the tried and true. Nevertheless, with this new iteration it is definitely a great value buy for anyone looking for an intense and epic FPS game. With its intense battles, great multiplayer, and a value buy, it is definitely a great game to pick up if the content is appropriate for you.

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