Little King’s Story

Eric Taylor - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol
“This is an adventure role-playing game (RPG) in which players control a young king whose goal is to expand his kingdom by defeating enemies and bosses. Set in a colorful, whimsical environment, the game allows players to send small soldiers to attack “cartoony” enemies, including cows, snails, sheep, giant rats, and humanoid bosses. One boss creature has a fire-breathing attack, while a giant rat boss attacks with yellow gas and brown pellets, which are emitted from its rear. During the course of the game, characters make some suggestive comments (e.g., “Sweat becomes sexy only after the lights go out”) and engage in sexual innuendo (e.g., “Princess Spumoni is so kind; she let me go to town on that big mound of hers…If I tried to eat anymore of that ice cream, I would’ve exploded!”). The central character also has multiple wives, one of whom has exaggerated-sized breasts and exposed cleavage. One cutscene depicts a boss character that slurs his speech and appears to be drunk. Holding a green bottle and slapping his “beer belly,” the man offers a toast: “I hope the whole world gets drunk…Cheers.”"

A blend of RPG, simulation and light Real Time Strategy gameplay, the action in Little King’s Story is all about improving your skill level and those of your followers as a means of gaining wealth and territory, which will in turn benefit the overall health of your subjects and your status as king. As players enter their humble town after finding their crown, they are assisted by their advisors, especially Howzer, in taking on missions in the immediate area of town. With the success of each, as well as activities like farming and natural resources development, they will gain wealth in the form of in-game currency called ‘Bol.’ Once an essential infrastructure has been established in town a suggestion box is set up through which in-game characters can make quest suggestions to supplement those of your advisors. During quests players in the role of young King Corobo can control multiple subjects of his kingdom who follow and serve based on your kingly status. These subjects have different professions which come in handy in specific as well as general quest scenarios and should be chosen wisely. Additional training facilities can be constructed to retrain existing subjects as well as those that are added to your kingdom as it prospers and eventually needs to expand into surrounding territories. The world of Little King’s Story is expansive and set on many levels. Although each level contains multiple possible boss battles, progression through the game levels always requires the defeat of a substantial boss. Battles become more intense as you set out to conquer the lands that surround your kingdom, although these are never too overbearing due to the game’s easy to alter difficulty settings. As these campaigns against neighboring kingdoms proceed you are kept aware of the health and happiness of your subjects at home and that of your troops via an information bar at the top left, as well as a ticker scrolling across the screen. Balance their needs with the needs of an expanding kingdom and you may indeed become the best king ever.


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