Kingdom Hearts 2

A great game for fans of Disney and RPG!
Caleb Smith - Guest Reviewer
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With stunning visuals and incredible gameplay Kingdom hearts 2 is one of the best RPGs on the PS2. Mild use of magic and summons, a midriff bearing girl, and walking through the Underworld might scare some off. But this game is one for the history books.

Let me just start off by saying this is one of the best RPGs for the PS2. Incredible graphics, amazing gameplay and a great story line that picks up right where the first one left off. It’s filled with memorable Disney and Final Fantasy characters. And anyone a fan of Disney or FF will enjoy this combination of the two.

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This game will be very confusing to those that haven’t played the first one. So be warned. The story starts off with you playing as  a young boy named Roxas. You get to play a few hours as Roxas then Sora wakes up and takes over from there. Just like in the first game Sora, Donald, and Goofy go around defeating heartless and locking up various Disney worlds in an attempt to stop the baddies. Then mysterious people in black coats, known as Organization XIII keep getting in your way. If you really want to enjoy the story and the characters I suggest playing the first Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories/ Re: Chain of Memories before this one.

The gameplay in Kingdom Hearts 2 is fantastic. You use a weapon called a keyblade to slice and dice enemy Heartless.  Like calling out Chicken Little or Stitch to come help fight off the heartless. Nothing as bad as it sounds. New to Kingdom Hearts 2 is the ability to use forms. Sora gets some new clothes and they let him use forms in battle. Forms are basically a stronger version of Sora, but only lasts a short amount of time. They make those ridiculous boss fights, a little easiers.

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There is a character from Final Fantasy who wears a midriff revealing shirt and some characters wear short skirts. Also the pirate Barbossa mentions on how the pirates spend their stolden gold on “pleasureable company”.


You travel to the Pirates of the Caribbean world, to meet all sorts of pirates and whatnot. They of course mention rum, just like in the movies, but only once or twice.

There’s really not much violence in this game. Enemies simply disappear in a poof of black smoke when defeated. This might not be so much as violence, but just like in the Pirates of the Caribbean, the pirates talk of being cursed and turn into skeletons in the moonlight, which is the only time you can beat them. And in an attept to free the curse you see a coin spotted red, with Will’s blood, being tossed in with the others.

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Spiritual Content

There’s a lot of talk about darkness and how it can take over you. Which is how people are turned into heartless. Some characters even try to use the power of darkness. It’s a classic battle of good vs. evil, and eventually good triumphs. One of the worlds you travel to happens to be the Underworld, from Hercules. You have to walk around in the cave of the dead and fight his pet Cerberus. Some people may find this objectional.

There is also the use of magic, as in shooting fireballs and healing, but nothing I thought of as occult or in any reference to witchcraft. You can also summon Disney characters to help you fight.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is an incredible game period. If you’re a fan of Disney or RPG, and can get around the mild use of magic, then this is the game for you. I’d recommend this game to any gamer, age 10 and up.

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