Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals

Naniaro System has been attacked, the planet-devouring, amoebic, Krawl!
Cheesemonsterbug - Guest Reviewer
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Mild Fantasy Violence: Players can fight against a variety of whimsical creatures including robots and dinosaur-like creatures. Combat takes place in an arena environment, and each successful blow or shot displays a 'hit point' number, which depletes the life meters of the characters. Players can also use special attacks such as inducing lightning, earthquakes or fire.

Evolution: It is mentioned that the Spectrobes evolve.

Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals is the second game in its series. This RPG brings one to the Naniaro System that has been attacked, very recently by the planet-devouring, amoebic, Krawl.
The Krawl

Now the Krawl are back, with the the new, mysterious, and devious “High Krawl.” The universe once again looks to young officer Rallen for help. Along with his sidekick Jeena and wise mentor and friend Aldous. However these three cannot take on the Krawl aliens alone, the fossilized Spectrobes must be excavated and awakened by your voice by using the DS stylus to excavated and speaking into the mic. to awaken. Whenever Rallen encounters a Black Vortex two Spectrobes will pop out and engage the Krawl. You directly control one of these and the computer controls the other. Rallen himself does not fight the imposing Krawl, but fights the mini Krawl known as the Krawl Dust. As for searching for fossils, you must use a child spectrobe to scan the ground for interesting objects. Another important feature is the Minerals. The Minerals assist in the spectrobes growth and grants them many experience points.

Searching for Fossils Battle!

The only thing I thought could be questionable was that the Spectrobes: “Evolve.” However my argument is that the evolution is instantaneous and is the result of minerals, not millions of years of “accidents.”

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