The Sims 3

Play God in a Godless World
Pam Gibson - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Some crude humor: Sims emit flatulence, and wet themselves if no toilet is available or offered.

Mild sexual content: The Sims often interact socially, which can sometimes lead to mild flirtation or more intimate encounters. Players can choose to "try for a baby" or "WooHoo" with another Sim. These two actions cause the selected avatars to jump into bed and go under the covers, where they wriggle, giggle, and moan until confetti bursts over the bed.

Mild violence Sims will sometimes get in fights with other sims.

Nudity: bathing, and using the toilet, which is depicted by a blurred, pixilated effect

Immorality and Lawlessness: multi-partnered casual sex, same sex relationships, divorce, lies, theft and affairs as things to be aspired to.

Death: As in real life, Sim characters can die of old age; they can also die as a result of neglect or starvation. Certain animations depict the avatars dying in fires, drowning in pools, and getting electrocuted by household appliances.

The Undead: Sometimes you will see an Occasional zombies in houses and Graveyards, or even ghosts that haunt the sims.

The Sims is a long running game, originally created by Will Wright as a building/design program to help architects. This is the 3rd major development of the original Sims program.

This version of The Sims is very similar to previous in as much as you choose and design the Sims you want to control, you tell them where to live, what job to have, who to fall in love with and how to live their life.

sims3-2 sims3-3

The Sims 3 has taken this a step further and now also allows the gamer to choose personality traits for their Sim such as “Insane”; “Coward”; “Unlucky”; “Evil”; “kleptomaniac” and many more of this nature. The creators of Sims 3 have also included some more wholesome traits for your Sim such as “Good”; “Green Thumb”; “Brave”; “Artisic”, but it has to be said that the un-Godly traits outweigh the Godly.

As with previous Sims games, your Sim can be any sexual orientation and can have pre-marital sex (know as “Woohoo” in the game). When these interactions take place, you can clearly see the Sims kissing, hugging and heavy petting. When the Sims want to have “Woohoo”, they dissapear under blankets and all you can see is Sims wriggling under the duvet with a few very 50’s type sex euphemisms (ie Fireworks). As previously mentioned – “Woohoo” can be with any gender, pre-marial and also extra-marital.

Another new feature of the Sims 3 is that your Sim can ask another Sim to leave their current partner and move in with your Sim instead.

sims3-4 sims3-5

On a more positive note – it is harder to have romantic relationships in the Sims 3 than in previous Sims games. However this also has a downside becuase you can now also have “Woohoo” with people you aren’t in love with.

As with previous Sim games, there is no mention of any religion (with the exception of Christmas in Sims 2 – although this was very heavily Santa focused). There are no religous books or religious festivals (so far, but there may be add-ons later). Also the ability to practice Yoga (available in Sims 2) has been removed from Sims 3

Some of the clothes you can choose for your Sim are quite revealing, but the creators have also included some conservative items as well! Very refreshing! Nudity is not gratuitous or sexual as it is only when the Sims wash or go to the toilet and even then it is very heavily pixilated.

Overall The Sims 3 has quite a few un-Godly themes. These themes are avoidable if (like me) you started playing the Sims before you were saved and now feel the need to save little pixilated characters along with the rest of society. What I don’t like about The Sims 3 is that it depicts, multi-partnered casual sex, same sex relationships, divorce, lies, theft and affairs as things to be aspired to.

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