LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Indiana Jones has been given the same LEGO treatment as Star Wars, and the result is likewise a clean, fun adventure through classic movies.
Michael Caleb - Staff Reviewer

Content at a glance:

Violence: Bludgeoning, slicing, shooting, blowing up, and decapitating LEGO characters.
Spiritual Content: Supernatural elements from the movies, ghosts, references to God.
Language: None.
Adult Content: Indy can kiss women, female character attempting to be seductive, Indy’s father tries to get a kiss.

Indiana Jones has been given the same LEGO treatment as Star Wars, and the result is likewise a clean, fun adventure through classic movies.



Each section of the game follows the story of one of the original three Indy movies, straying slightly at various times for gameplay mechanics and humor. Since there are no spoken lines in the game, characters convey information through motion and pictures, adding to the already great humor throughout.


The environments very much look like they were constructed with LEGOs, which would be a detriment in most games, but a great asset here. However, there was some graphical tearing at certain times when the camera was forced to move, and a peculiar graphical glitch involving the hair of certain females to stretch across the screen when picking up objects. The former was easily enough ignored, and the latter was not persistent enough to be anything other than a novelty.

lego-indianajones-6 lego-indianajones-5


The gameplay mostly consists of going from point A to point B, with enemies and puzzles littered in between. You do this by playing as a LEGO character, fighting LEGO enemies, breaking almost any LEGO object you can see, building things out of the broken pieces, and using them to go along the path laid out for you. Along the way, you can collect studs (used as money), mini-kits that come together to make artifacts, and packages that will make extras and cheats available. Dying simply takes a certain amount of studs away from your total, making the game accessible to even the youngest players. There are six levels for each of the three story arcs and three bonus levels, making a total of twenty-one levels. Put that together with the fact that it is impossible to gather everything in most levels without playing through in free play and you get a game with a lot of replay value.


There are punches to the face, characters falling apart, gunshots, explosions, cartoon decapitations, and bludgeoning. One character grabs another by the throat and bangs their head against a wall. Just like in one of the movies, you must trick birds into flying to their death by a plane in order to progress in one level. A decapitated body searches for its smiling head. One character\’s legs are separated from their torso when shot. It is possible to harm and kill innocent people.

lego-indianajones-4 lego-indianajones-3

Spiritual Content

Just like in the movies, the plots center around supernatural elements such as the ark of the covenant, the holy grail, and a blood-thirsty cult that enslaves children. Ghosts erupt from the ark to attack your nazi enemies. Mola Ram reaches out to take characters\’ hearts. Blocks on the floor of a certain puzzle fall away unless you spell out “IEHOVAH.”


There is no spoke dialogue, and no language elsewhere.

Adult Content

A female character tries to catch the attention of two men by letting down her hair. It is possible to reenact Indy\’s “whip-kiss” with all three leading women. Indy\’s father tries to get a kiss, and is instead met with the face of a male enemy.



LEGO Indiana Jones has content that is similar to, but notably toned down from, the movies upon which it is based. I would recommend to the game to families that enjoyed the movies or the other LEGO video games, but it has recently been announced that the second LEGO Indy game will include brand new content based on all four movies, a creation mode, as well as all of the content from the first. With this announcement, it would be more prudent to wait until later in 2009, when LEGO Indy 2 is released.

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