New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

A good game, but with inaccurate controls.
Cory (keyblade) - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Adult Content:Peach and Daisy wear short shorts and skirts.

Spiritual Content: The character Boo is a ghost.

Developed by Camelot Software Planning, New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis is a port of the Gamecube game with new controls. When it came out I had really high hopes for it, however these hopes were soon crushed. It’s fun in its own unique way, but there are a couple things that really brought the game down.

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MPT offers normal tennis matches as well as exhibitions, tournaments, and special games. It also has a pretty decent amount of characters to choose from. However, one big disappointment for me was that there was no story mode like there was in Mario Tennis Power Tour.

The game also has new has special moves in the game called Power Shots. Each character in the game, has his/her own unique defensive and offensive power shot. These shots allow you to do cool moves to help you score more points. As you would expect, this game involves swinging the Wii Remote. This was a great idea and it could have been fun, but it is just not accurate. For example, you swing the Wii Remote from side to side to do a flat shot, but instead you do a lob. This can be very annoying. It’s not always inaccurate, but a lot of the time it is. Sadly there are no alternative non-motion controls.

Sound/Graphics: As in every Mario game, the music is wonderful. Traditional and new songs make this game pleasing to the ear. The Sound Effects are great as well. Unlike most Wii games, there is A LOT of sound that comes through the speaker on Wii Remote. The graphics are typical Mario graphics on the Wii. Bright and colorful, but not very realistic.

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Violence: None, unless you think hitting a ball at lightning speed is violent.

Adult Content: Peach and Daisy wear short shorts and skirts. Other than that, not a thing.

Spiritual Content: One of the characters in the game is a ghost named Boo.

Mario Power Tennis would have been a great game, but was ruined with the lack of accurate controls. The graphics, sound, roster, and lack of violence and adult content are pluses. If you can get passed the inaccuracy of the controls, a great game can be found underneath.

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