Dead Space

Tense, frightening action and a good story are in the game's favor, but the extreme violence and some language might turn others away.
Colonel Link - Staff Reviewer

Content at a glance:

Violence: Very bloody and gory, grotesque enemies are killed by dismembering them. Blood stains the environment and people are seem committing suicide or dismembering corpses.

Language: Most every word in the book is used a couple times, including swearing using God's name.

Sexual Content: Sports magazines are scattered throughout with girls in bikinis on the cover.

Spiritual Content: Disturbing almost joke-like cult religion called "Unitology" who worship "Altman" whom they call God. One crazy person thinks it is God's will for the monsters and kills people in the name of God.

Other: Disturbing, dark and spooky atmosphere.

When the U.S.G Nakamura sends out a distress signal calling for help, it’s up to you and your team to find out what happened and help in any way you can. However, matters are complicated when your ship is damaged while, and you and your crew are stuck on the apparently abandoned ship. As you are looking for another way off the ship, you are separated from your crew and soon discover that everyone on the ship is dead. Unfortunately for you, they aren’t staying dead. Now you must find a way to escape the ship, find your girlfriend and discover what happened to everyone; all while trying to survive against the constant attacks of the Necromorphs that are bent on chewing your head off.


Seem like a tough job? Luckily, you have quite a set of skills at your disposal that will make surviving a bit easier. These include an armored suit, a kinesis module (essentially telekinesis), and a stasis device that slows enemies down while you keep moving normally.

You also have a small amounts of weapons that will facilitate your Necromorph killing. The weapons are quite varied and include a plasma rifle, flamethrower, and a launchable-sawblade. You can only carry 4 weapons at a time, but luckily the lack of ammo won’t ever influence your decision of which weapons you have with you. The game uses a dynamic item placement system that spawns only items that you can use at the time so you’ll never find ammo for a weapon you don’t have in your inventory.

The game’s graphics and sound are both stellar and really add to the realism factor. Another thing that adds to the immersion is the game’s complete lack of a HUD (Heads Up Display). Everything you need to know, from health to amount of ammo, is shown either on your suit or on some type of holographic screen. Everything is in realtime too, so if you want to use a medpack you won’t be able to magically stop time while you go to your inventory.



Violence: Early on in the game you’ll see “cut off their limbs” written on a wall (in blood of course). You’ll soon realize what Dead Space does differently than other games: it makes you dismember enemies to kill them instead of going for the typical “aim for the head” approach.

Soon you’ll see that the easiest way to kill an enemy is to blow away his limbs one by one (not that this always stops them; sometimes an enemy will be trying to kill you while dragging itself with only an arm). And of course all of this happens in an extremely bloody way. Dead Space is easily the bloodiest game I have ever played, and I’ve played a lot of gory games. Enemies spurt large amounts of blood when shot or dismembered, and that blood stains the nearby environment. Enemies still look partially human, but with extremely grotesque, bloody features. When you die you’ll usually see one or more of your limbs disappear with lots of blood, and sometimes you can watch your torso keep walking and then float away.

Apart from the graphic combat the game’s environment is also littered with blood. You’ll see dozens of bloody corpses (sometimes with protruding organs) throughout all of the levels, and many blood covered floors and walls. Some “cutscenes” (scenes where you can’t do anything to affect what is happening) involve crazy survivors who are either killing themselves or mutilating already dead bodies. In one cutscene, a man shoves a spike though another (live) man’s head while he’s tied to a chair.

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Profanity: 8 hells, 2 a**, 1 ba***rd, 1 b**ch, 8 d**n, 2 “ Jesus” or variants, 8 “God” or variants, 8 s**t, 2 Godd***, 6 F words , 2 written F words, 2 written Godd***, 1 written hell. That’s not all that bad considering it’s a 12 hour game.

Sexual Content: Scattered around the ship are sports magazines with bikini clad women on the covers.

Spiritual Content: There is a religion in the game called Unitology who follow “Altman” (but they call him God). However, the religious group is wrong in it’s beliefs, and I think it was meant more as a joke (their slogan is “May Altman be with you”). Also a survivor on the ship who is obviously insane believes everything that is happening is God’s work, and he kills people to preserve that work.

Other Issues: Not necessarily a bad thing, but the whole game is incredibly dark, moody, and scary. That’s to be expected since it’s a horror game, and horror fans will absolutely love the atmosphere the game manages to create.


Dead Space is fun, immersive, and terrifying. The story is interesting, the gameplay original, and the graphics are absolutely stunning. However, anyone even remotely offended by blood should stay in a galaxy far away from this one.


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