Mario Super Sluggers

Pitch, bat, field, and strike out with your favorite Mario characters.
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Content at a glance:

Mild Violence: You can attack other players with shells and bombs. Other players are unharmed.

Scantily Clad Women: Female players typically wear short shorts.

There’s nothing quite like a good game of baseball. Just think; you could be running under a high-flying ball knowing that if you catch it, you’ll strike out the runner. You’re directly under it. You feel a sense of excitement rising and then…you get knocked down by a Koopa shell. What kind of baseball game is this? It’s baseball Mario style.


Mario Super Sluggers is the next sports game from Nintendo. It follows a line that includes, Mario Golf, Mario Hoops, Mario Tennis, and Mario Strikers(Soccer) except this time, the action takes place on the baseball diamond.

Mario Super Sluggers has no real “plot” to speak of. All the action takes place on Baseball Island, an island constructed by Princess Peach with several different stadiums built around a certain character, like Peach’s Ice Garden, Wario City, and Donkey Kong Jungle. The game’s story mode has you traveling around these locations to put together a team to kick Bowser and Bowser Jr., who decided to take over Baseball Island, out. But the whole plot doesn’t revolve around stomping on Koopas or any of the traditional Mario enemies. It’s solely about baseball.

This game is for the Wii, so you know it’s going to involve a lot from you. You actually swing the Wii Remote to pitch, bat, and throw. The only difference is when it comes to fielding. You can use one of three control setups, including the Nunchuck to run and steal bases. The controls alone are enough to keep you playing this game.


Offensive Content

Mild Violence
There is some violence in this game. You can trip up your opponents in the field by firing Koopa shells, Bob-ombs (the traditional walking bombs) and a bunch of banana peels. Nothing happens if a character gets hit. The most that happens is they fall flat and a few stars appear over their heads. There’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect to see in a traditional Mario game.

Immodestly Dressed Characters
Anyone familiar with Mario will know that the girls usually wear quite modest outfits. Even Peach’s arm-baring outfit in Sunshine was pretty decent. This time short shorts are the outfit of choice for both Peach and Princess Daisy, one of the first Mario princesses. While they show off legs, they don’t show off anything else, still this may be an issue for some.


Spiritual Overtones
You can have some characters of a somewhat spiritual nature, such as Boo and Magikoopa, on your team. The Magikoopas sport magic wands as bats. Any actual magic is absent however. Still, some people may take offense to even the sight of these hooded and ghostly characters.

Other Negative Areas
Your team can also include less-than-savory characters like Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Mario’s gross counterpart, Wario. However, this is none of the crude humor associated with Wario present in this game.

Mario Super Sluggers is the game that got me back on my Wii. It’s a really fun game that you can keep on coming back to even though it’s predictably repetitive. You’d think you would get tired of nothing but baseball, but I know I don’t. I keep on coming back for more. And with little offensive content, it’s a game most parents wouldn’t mind their kids coming back for more of. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t approve of women running around in shorts or the appearances of ghosts and Koopa sorcerers. All in all though, this game is good, clean fun for the whole family.

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