Deadly Creatures

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Alcohol Reference, Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Deadly Creatures is an action adventure game in which players can assume the roles of an armored scorpion and a tarantula spider as they move through desert terrain and underground passages. Players can inject creatures (e.g., Gila monsters, horned lizards, praying mantis, etc.) with poison, infest an area, cast deadly webs and destroy various rats, beetles, and snakes with their tails. Red blood is emitted from the reptiles or rats when attacked. There is a reference to alcohol in the dialogue (e.g., "…he was a drunk."), and mild profanity can be heard throughout the game (e.g., "goddamn," "bastard," and "son of a b*tch").

Deadly Creatures is a 3rd person action thriller set amidst a desert world of venomous terror, built exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Players will control an armored Scorpion and a deadly Tarantula as they fight for survival against Gila monsters, lizards, black widows and many more terrifying creatures. Featuring intuitive motion controls and a deep combo-based combat system, Deadly Creatures is a thrilling mix of brutal creature-crushing action and suspenseful exploration of vast 360 degree desert and man-made environments.

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