Guild Wars: Prophecies

A Not-So-Traditional MMO With All the Familiar Flavors.
Content at a glance:

True to the MMO mold, this game is full of magic, make-believe religions, realistic battles and questionable fashion choices. Morals are there, sometimes, but if any of the above content disturbs you, it's probably better to skip this one.

You start out as a man or woman trying to help some fellow friends and neighbors in the small, peaceful country of Ascalon. This country is at war with the aggressive Charr, a race full of blood-thirsty warmongers who have been besieging Ascalon for a long time. Once you have gained enough experience, you talk to a captain in the army fighting against the Charr, and you go “Across the Wall” into the real war zone to help defend Ascalon. In the years of your absence the Charr found a way around the wall and has torn Ascalon apart by virtue of their siege equipment. When you see the state that your homeland is in you set out to defeat the Charr.

Guild Wars Prophecies

VIOLENCE: The physical violence in the game is minimal, actually, but it is just enough to earn the game the ‘T’ rating. Depending on which class you choose you will be given the option to burn enemies with magic (the enemies just have an eerie looking flame enveloping them for few seconds), cause them to ‘bleed’ with certain attacks that makes the enemy lose health over an extended amount of time, but only a red powdery ring encircles the victim of this attack and cripple opponents or steal health from them through magic. People are killed in several cut-scenes, but it is never horribly violent.

LANGUAGE: Some of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) say minor profanities such as d**m or p**s, but the real-life players use anything from sexual references to strong, harsh language and insults. Luckily, you can activate a chat filter which bleeps out almost everything besides “dang”, “heck”, and other substitutions.

ADULT CONTENT: In the game it is possible to obtain alcoholic drinks such as Dwarven ale, witch’s brew, absinthe, and several others. If you drink a lot of these, your character will become intoxicated, making your screen shake and also making it hard to maneuver and see where you’re going. You can achieve the titles “Drunkard” or “Incorrigible Ale-Hound” by remaining drunk for a set amount of time.

Women’s armor in the game is form-fitting and tight, and some show cleavage (not excessive, but still enough to give you the idea) and midriff. Players also have the option to take off their character’s clothes, leaving them only in their underwear (this goes for both male and female characters). You can also ‘dance’ in the game, and some of the female classes have a somewhat provocative dance that resembles belly-dancing.

SPIRITUAL CONTENT: Magic, magic, and more magic, some gods, and more magic. The game revolves around the ability to use magic. You can cast fireballs, throw ice shards, call lightning, or use the dark arts of necromancy to raise the dead to destroy your opponent. While it isn’t said where the power of the magic comes from, it’s fairly obvious that the source is spiritual as most magical abilities are called forth by certain movements or sayings. The storyline involves some talk about gods, but it’s with a lowercase ‘g’ and isn’t spoken of very often. For the most part NPCs dedicate “whatever” to “such and such god”, and some areas of the map are named for a god, like “Grenth’s Footprint”.

COMMENDABLE: The game’s quests are about saving people and helping them in any way possible. Most of the time you have to team up with other people to do the quests because they are so long and hard. It’s also cool that you get to chat with friends and meet new people.

Guild Wars Prophecies

CONCLUSION: Guild Wars is one of the most exhilarating MMORPGs I have ever played, and aside from the initial purchase price it is absolutely free! That’s right, there is no monthly fee! I recommend this game for teens and adults who like playing with friends and who like to spend hours of gaming just to get that awesome looking weapon that nobody else has been able to grab!

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