Medal of Honor: Heroes 2


Computer Platform: Nintendo
Produced by: Electronic Arts
Price Range: $41-50
Learning curve time: 1-30 min.
Age level: Teens
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

     Reviewed By: Josh

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: / World War II
Rating: 4 of 5 (good)
Gameplay: 4 of 5 (good)
Violence: 3 of 5 (mild)
Adult Content: 5 of 5 (none)

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.  Illustration copyrighted.

While the PS3 and the 360 are focused mainly on hyper-realistic graphics, the introduced a new form of gameplay utilizing a controller with motion sensitive capabilities. This controller is called the Remote, and when it’s coupled with the Nunchuck attachment, you can become immersed in a whole new level of enjoyment.

My greatest interest for the is having good first-person shooters. One of my friends told me about Medal of Honor, a popular series of World War II shooters by Electronic Arts. Since WWII is my favorite part of history class, and since I love first-person shooters, I decided to give Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 a go.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 was released for the in 2007. This is the first WWII shooter I have played, and I have spent many hours running and gunning down bad guys. After completing the campaign several times, I can say that I was not disappointed.

Hopefully this review will let you know whether this game is worth buying or not.

You are Lieutenant John Berg, an OSS agent who enters France with the 5th Rangers. Captain Lasry has uncovered a plot by Hitler to produce a secret weapon. You must retake and secure footholds along the coastal region of France and sabotage the German operations.

Heros 2

Shooting is a core part of this game as it is so in any other . The violence does get a little intense, but there is no blood or gore in MOH: H2. Bodies simply fall to the ground and disappear to help resolve certain frame rate issues. Your enemies, the Axis forces, will get blown away with weapons like the bazooka, the M1 Grand, the MP40, and mortars.

For a game, MOH: H2 looks impressive. Textures look good, the guns are detailed, and it glides at sixty frames-per-second (with some occasional hiccups). The environments are colorful, and explosions and flames are smooth and realistic. This game doesn’t look as good as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but it’s pretty close.

Heros 2

The sound quality is excellent! Each gun makes its own unique noise, and small details such as the soft clicking of footsteps really add another dimension to the game. MOH: H2 has an immersive soundtrack that is played in the menus, and I have found myself listening to the classical score before starting a new level. It is simply beautiful.

The fully customizable controls make this game stand out from other shooters. If you take the time, you can adjust the -mote sensitivity to optimize your aiming. Besides the sensitivity feature, certain actions require (innovative!) gestures. For example, to fire the bazooka, you bring the -mote up to your shoulder, aim with the Nunchuck, and pull the “trigger.” To set an explosive, you have to twist the -mote like you’re setting the timer on a charge. Finally, to aim a mounted machine gun, you have to move the -mote and Nunchuck horizontally left and right. None of this feels too clunky either. There are other fun, innovative ways of using the controls, but the best part is definitely the fully functional aiming.

First there is the single player campaign, which can be completed in six to eight hours. There are three modes of difficulty in MOH: H2. Green mode will introduce you to the game, but the real fun is to be had in Veteran and Hero mode. Both your enemies and allies have somewhat cheap AI, but that doesn’t make this game easy. The fighting can get extremely tough, and you will be forced to use strategy and patience in order to survive. Next there is Arcade Mode, which is like playing Time Crisis 3 at the movie theater, but with Germans and without spending pocket change. This mode is better for “casual gamers.” Finally there is an online multiplayer mode available if you have a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Up to thirty-two players. And no friend codes.

Heros 2

There is no language, spiritual, or sexual content that would hinder your walk with Christ.

In comparison to other video games, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is cleaner in terms of content. Fresh controls and fast-paced action will drive the game to the finish. If you are looking for a good without overly mature content, consider picking up Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for .

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Year of Release — 2007

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