Mario Kart DS

Clean racing game for the whole family.
Joe Summers - Guest Reviewer
Content at a glance:

Cartoon Violence: dropping banana peels, kicking shells at each other, zapping them with lightning etc.

Mario Kart DS is the fifth installment in one of the longest running racing series. In Mario Kart, it’s not so much a realistic racing game, but rather, a racing game that everyone can play and have fun with. Multiplayer is highly recommended with the friendly and fun atmosphere of go-kart racing. Even though you might already own every single Mario Kart leading up to this one, there is still enough of a reason to buy the DS version as if you would be just getting into the Mario Kart series.

When first starting out, you will only have a handful of characters to race with, but by racing in the Grand Prix races, you can unlock other characters and karts. Beating a Grand Prix will unlock more courses for you to race on. In all, there are 32 tracks, 16 brand new courses, and 16 of our past favorite courses.

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The multiplayer mode is highly recommended because it is the best part of Mario Kart games. There are two ways to play multiplayer. The first is the standard wireless connection between two to eight different DS players. The second way is to play over Nintendo WiFi against up to four friends or rivals. All of your stats can be tracked online. Another fun feature in multiplayer is the ability to design your own emblem to display on your kart. There is always someone to play, so the game really does have a lot of replay value.

The graphics for the game are quite good for the Mario Kart series. Nintendo put the dual-screens of the DS to good use by having the touch screen display a map, which allows you to see what’s ahead on the course as well as allowing you to look out for items on the course.

The music in the game contains many new scores for the new courses while also retaining the original game’s track songs. With the addition of many courses, there is a lot more to go around. All the sound effects, a trademark of the Mario Kart series, are spot on.

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The only violence in this game is nothing worse than what you would see in old cartoons; dropping banana peels, kicking shells at each other, zapping them with lightning, nothing to be too worried about. There is no language in this game, but if you do play WiFi, there could be someone’s name, but Nintendo usually catches them and changes that. There is no sexual content either and if you have played any Mario games, then you know you won’t have to worry about spiritual content.

Mario Kart DS is a great iteration for the DS, as it just works well with the system and adds plenty of new content to boot. It’s a fun game that pretty much anyone can enjoy, and for the modest price of $29.99, it’s not a bad buy.

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