Burnout 3: Takedown

The fastest races you'll ever see. The greatest car crashes you'll ever know. All of this in one game.
Colonel Link - Staff Reviewer

Content at a glance:

<p>The DJ says some inappropriate things, but he can be turned off.</p> <p>Cars crash and explode violently, but you only ever see mannequins driving the cars.</p>

Burnout 3: Takedown is the third game in the high speed racing series, Burnout. Developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts (the first Burnout game EA published), the game drew critical acclaim and a large fanbase. It is also the only game in the series that received a T rating by the ESRB. This game has been followed up by Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise.

Story: None. You go race your car and make headlines and stuff, but there really is no plot.

Graphics: Great. The background environments are full of detail, as are the cars and houses. The crashes (and explosions) look especially nice, with little pieces of glass and other things flying in every direction.

Gameplay: This is the best racing game available, period.
The objective of the game varies from mode to mode. There are five play modes, including two race modes and three crash modes. Before play starts, you choose your vehicle based on its speed and weight. In the race modes, you gain “boost” by driving in the oncoming traffic lanes, narrowly avoiding traffic, drifting around corners (braking when turning) and by causing competitors’ cars to crash (called a “Takedown”). There are many different types of takedowns, including:

  • Wall takedown: Spin your opponent into a wall, causing him to crash.
  • Car takedown: Cause your opponent to crash into another car, truck, bus, tram, etc.
  • Double takedown: Take out 2 opponents at once.
  • Signature takedowns: These are only available on certain maps and at certain areas, and usually include causing your opponent to crash in unusual ways (slam him into a pillar, crash in a tunnel, slam into a tram, etc, etc).
  • Aftertouch takedowns: Basically, after your car crashes, you can maneuver (not very fast or with much precision) into another car, causing it to crash also.

In “Race” mode, the object is to win the race around the track like a standard racing game, while in the “Road Rage” mode, you must takedown a set number of computer-controlled opponents before time runs out or your car gets to messed up to continue.

Other modes include face-off (defeat your opponent to win his car) and GP’s.

Crash mode also adds a lot of fun. You basically drive your car into an intersection and try to cause as much damage (insurance money) as possible. You can jump of ramps, pick up multipliers, etc, etc. Once you cause a certain amount of cars to crash (i.e 8), you can do a “crashbreaker”. Basically you press the B button and explode your car, allowing you to maneuver into more cars or power ups. Once you earn enough money, you earn crash cars (fire truck, trash truck, ambulance, 16 wheeler, etc).

Also, playing online adds a team road rage. The first team (Blue) gets a 4 second head start and must try to avoid getting taken down by the Red team.

All of these modes will give you hours and hours of fun, with a lot of shouting and screaming in delight. The game is also a great party game, and very fun to play with a lot of friends.

Controls: Simple but effective. Right trigger accelerates, left brakes. A button is used for boosting, X for looking behind you, Y for changing views, and B for crash breaking. The Black and White buttons also change the music that’s playing.

Violence: The whole point of the game is to crash the other cars. However, you get the impression that humans aren’t driving. When your car crashes, you can see a manikin in the drivers seat. Overall, I did not find that big a deal and it was not offensive to me.

Sexual Content: The narrator (Striker) talks about hot babes. You can turn him off in the options menu though (which I do anyway because I find him to be REALLY annoying).

Language: Also only present with Striker, and even then it’s barely present.

Spiritual Content: None.


Sound: All the cars and crashes sound great. The music tracks that play during the races are all pretty lame though. They just don’t fit the mood at all. Luckily, you can put your own music on (copy it onto your Xbox hard drive). It’s so fun to listen to Thousand Foot Krutch while racing.

Overall: Burnout 3: Takedown is my favorite racing/car game ever. And it’s definitely in my top 5 Xbox games list. It’ll give you hours of fun (173 different events in the offline mode, and 67 cars to unlock), and it never gets old.

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