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Computer Platform: Xbox (Microsoft)
Produced by: Bungie
Learning curve time: 1-30 min.
Age level: Teen to Adult
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

     Reviewed By: Cameron (aka Evileye)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Rating: 2 of 5 (poor)
Gameplay: 4 of 5 (good)
Violence: 3 of 5 (mild)
Adult Content: 3 of 5 (mild)


Halo.  Illustration copyrighted.

Halo. The first good FPS ever created for the home console systems. They did was others tried, and they have created a very awesome trilogy.

In Halo, the game is set in the year 2552. Earth is still around, but it eventually got so populated that colonization on other nearby planets began. One of those planets were called Reach. It was close to Earth, and was a great construction site for civilian and military ships. However, recently the colony on Reach vanished, without a trace. Military was sent to inspect, but only few came back. They reported contact with a outrageously powerful alien race (which is labeled as ”The Covenant”). The clear object of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) is that this mysterious race doesn’t find out about Earth’s location. Human’s proved to be far too weak to take on The Covenant, so a secret project of powerful, android soldiers (called ”Spartan-II”) was started. The whole stock was transported to Reach in order for them to invade a Covenant ship. But shortly before the planned attack, the Covenant attacked and destroyed all, but one of the Spartan-II soldiers. You take that role of the surviving android, in a quest to find out more…

This game most likely should have been rated “T” if it was only rated by violence. It is one of the cleanest FPS I have seen in a while. There is very little blood, and most of it is either the Covenant blood, which is green and purple, or one of your own teammates blood. It does splatter on the walls and floor, but its all blue blood of the aliens. Also, the creatures called the “Flood” are very creepy, as one type of them blow up to hurt you and to let loose tiny little creatures from there heads. Also, another type of Flood is very mutilated, and looks really gross. Might scare some people.


The troop’s are constantly spraying out curse words, and, though no “F” bombs are dropped, “ba—–“, “son of a b—-” “d—” h—” “s—” “a—” are said throughout this game. Even Gods name is used in vain in some parts. Basically, every curse word under the sun is spat out of the troop’s mouth except the “F” word. And no option to turn the cursing off is given.

Sexual Content:
Honestly, I played through this game very carefully, and I did not see hardly any sexual content, and actually, not even any girls. The only girl in this game is fully clothed in a combat suit, and Cortana is just a hologram.

Spiritual Content:
The Covenant worship Halo, because of the powers it has. False gods are mentioned.

For a launch game for a current generation system, this game doesn’t look half bad. The characters are laughable, but the environments are very nice and also very big! Though at times, it gets VERY repetitive. The guns are very creative, and the vehicles are really cool, though no matter how much you shoot at them, not a single scratch comes upon then. It should also be noted that if you have a scratched version of this game, that the environment and the characters in the cut scenes might not be finished loading before they put them onscreen. As in as Master Chief is shown in a scene, as it progresses, more and more detail is added to his suit. Really great, though now-a-days, most games surpass it.


If you have played any FPS, then you have played Halo. Nothing new added to the controls, and the button pattern is the same as some games also. Though I have played other FPS, and this one is one that controls very well. Also, you can adjust your controller’s sensitivity to your liking.

This games sound is also really great for a launch title. The in-game music is really awesome, and I wish I could find the sound track. The beginning music is very satisfying, and flows with the game. Then when it gets more upbeat, it goes with the game even better. The game triggers new music whenever something new happens in-game, or when you finish a mission. There is no option for playing a custom soundtrack.

Final Conclusion:
This game is just really great. I think to myself, “How can a game that repeats itself so much be so much fun?” What is the answer? Really, I don’t know. This game is just really appealing, and very fun. It gives you the creeps sometimes too. Though the language might turn some people away, I encourage anyone who can stand a lot of language, or likes to play games with the sound off to play this game. It is worth a few round threw, each one on harder difficulty!


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Year of Release — 2001

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